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Point-Of-View: Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

Since I started blogging, I only made reviews about three movies-- A Fistful of Dollars, A Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly-- all that came from The Dollars Trilogy. So now,  the fourth movie on the list is Fifty Shades of Grey.

As a reader of this book trilogy, I became interested when I heard it will be coming out in cinemas I wondered how the movie will be different from the book, or will it have any difference with what's in the book?

Unfortunately, I did not memorize stories that I read, therefore, I cannot state any observation whether there are changes in some details or dialogues in the movie as compared to what is written in the book (although I already read blogs that confirm there have been changes like the scene where Anastasia used "Stop" instead of "Red".)

So there, me and my boyfriend watched the movie together. Both of us stared seriously on the screen, sometimes we poke at each other, laugh at each other when the steamy scenes are on and we will awkwardly look away from  it (but only for a few seconds). As for me, the sexual detail of the film doesn't matter too much but the over-all output of it. But yes, I admit, the execution of the sexual scenes are steamy.

Our opinion varied. I focused on the cinematography, the execution of the scenes or the movie being a movie, since I already know the story while my boyfriend seemed to focus on the characters.

The first thing I noticed was how the scenes were cut. I frankly told him I don't like how the scenes were cut, I feel like there are parts of the book that are being taken away or not included. My guy just said that maybe they are trying to fit in all the scenes in the book in standard movie duration (from one to two hours), so some of the scenes had to be cut out to maximize the time. I just agreed on that. Maybe I felt like that since I read the whole book.

About the characters, not all of them or their characteristics seemed to be emphasized or given emphasis in the film. Of course, they shouldn't steal the spotlight from the lead characters but supporting characters just like Taylor are lovable in the books of E.L. James.

Other than that, the visual presentation gave me less amour from Christian Grey than the way I used to like him while reading the books. Jamie Dornan portrayed a very cold man in the movie and not how vulnerable Christian Grey have always been in my imaginations. I can't tell if he executed the character right or wrong; but he did a good job on the film (in my opinion). Dakota did a good job as well, in fact, she displayed more emotions into the film. She was good at delivery of Anastasia's emotions even through her facial expressions.

And yes, my admiration for Love Me Like You Do never changed. I really loved that scene when they were in Charlie Tango and that epic song played. I love the mixing of the song in that scene and the wonderful bird's eye-view shot as well over the bright city lights.

What about my boyfriend's point-of-view?

He haven't read the trilogy yet when we watched. He was quiet on the first parts of the film. On the Clayton's hardware store scene, he started commenting that Christian seemed to be stalking Anastasia, (so to those who have comments like this, you are not alone) then we proceeded into watching. Sometimes, he would ask me questions if this or that scene in the movie was in the book.

Then, when the bar scene came on, he just said, "Look at what alcohol do to people."

The next comment he gave was when Christian Grey showed Anastasia his Red Room of Pain. He laughed at the scene commenting that he's too expensive when it comes to making love. (Oh yes, his financial practicality never fades); it was as if he was trying to tell me "Did he have to buy all that to be able to make love?" He even asked me if Christian will murder Anastasia in the end. I said no. I also remember when he asked me on some part of the film that if Christian will not murder Anastasia, will she kill Christian Grey instead? I gave him a spoiler which did not discouraged him to watch further though.

And on the restaurant scene where Anastasia drinks with her mother, Christian Grey appears again, making my boyfriend murmur that he's really stalking Anastasia.

Until the film progressed and we reached the final scene of love making and Anastasia's confrontation with Christian; which resulted to letting Christian hit her six times.

We asked for each other's point of view and I just ended up saying, "Men shouldn't be sadists."
While he in return said, "Women shouldn't let men do sadist things to them."

Respecting each other's point of views, we played some arcade games before we went home happily.

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